Chicken Enchiladas

Thad’s mom’s Chicken Enchiladas:


* Two packets Lawry’s powered Enchilada Sauce Mix
* Chopped up chicken you cooked or one of the already cooked chickens at the market.
* Grate up a lot of cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese. The two blended together have a good flavor.
* Can of chopped olives
* Can of chopped green chilies
* 12 tortillas


Make the sauce according to the directions on the packet. Pour a quarter of the sauce in the bottom of a casserole pan and put a corn tortilla in the sauce. The sauce will soften the tortilla and eliminate the need to presoak them in oil. After you have both sides of the tortillia completely covered in sauce, fill them with chicken, olives, chilies, cheese, etc. Roll them up and place at the end of the same casserole pan seam side down.

Keep the process up until the pan is full. Add sauce when you need it and when you get to the end of the casserole and it is hard to wet the tortillas, just dip them in the sauce in the saucepan. After you have them all rolled up, pour on the remaining sauce and sprinkle on the remaining cheese. Be generous with the sauce, making two packages for about 12 tortillas. Also, they taste better when you are generous with the cheese.

You can cover and freeze for later, or better yet, cook the enchiladas for about 20 minutes (until bubbly) at 350F.

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